Business Advisory & Tax

As a business you must produce various financial statements, BAS and tax returns in accordance with statutory requirements. We recognise that for many people this can be a real challenge.

At Advantage Taxation, we believe that you should work on your business and investments and not in them. We will provide you with the right advice and services to ensure you will not miss out on opportunities to improve your business practices, increase profits and reduce costs.

We strive to provide sensible and practical tax services at a realistic cost and offer a wide range of services to suit needs of small to medium size business, such as help with:

  • PAYG Summaries
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
  • Payroll Tax Reports
  • Financial reporting
  • Negotiating and liaising with the Australian Tax Office (ATO)
  • Workers Compensation Reports
  • Dealing with an ATO Audit

Furthermore as part of our business advisory service we provide assistance with:

  • Business Structure
  • Business Rescue
  • Finance and Funding
  • Start-up Consultancy
  • Auditing and Forensic Accounting

Our guiding philosophy in our business advisory service to our clients is in regards to tax effective structures with a main focus on:

  • Asset protection
  • Business real-estate planning
  • Succession planning
  • Sale and purchase of a business

Business Structure

What is the best structure for your business? Have you outgrown your current sole trader or partnership structure? How important is asset protection to you? Do you have a new business, growing business, new business partners, or a business that has scaled back operations?

We tailor our services to meet your particular needs providing a high level of customer service that not only attends to your compliance requirements but assists your with the future development of your business to achieve your goals.

Business Rescue

We help businesses get out of tight situations. We work quickly and methodically with you to make sure you make the right decisions and ensure a healthy bottom line.

A sample of the sorts of services we offer can be found in our Case Study 2: Recouping Overpaid tax

Finance and Funding

We can assist with finance re-structuring. We can source finance for your business in difficult situations. We can review your current financial documents and help get a better interest rate on loans through our network of experienced lawyers, bankers and brokers.

Start-up Consultancy

Setting up and maintaining a business can be a complicated and time-consuming process. We can assist you with:

  • Business planning advices
  • Development of simple marketing plans
  • Advices on legal and ATO regulations compliance
  • Business loans applications
  • Cash flow and budget
  • Payroll & Employee Management
  • Prepare a ratio & Analyses of Business Performance
  • Employees Superannuation payments
  • Employees Work Cover payments

Auditing and Forensic Accounting

An ATO audit is intimidating for any business. Even if they have done nothing wrong, businesses generally only have 60 days to lodge an objection to the ATO’s findings. Unfortunately, with the ATO’s new data matching system, audits seem to be becoming more and more common.

At Advantage Taxation we work hard to ensure you get the best possible outcome in a timely manner. We are experienced at building the strongest possible case for establishing an objection and are committed vigorously advocating on your behalf to the ATO.

The first part of our process is work with you to develop a detailed picture of how your business works and apply our existing industry knowledge. Then if its necessary we make use of our network of expert contacts to further strengthen your case. Finally, we employ our expertise in forensic accounting to tie up any loose ends and give you the best chance of a successful objection.

A sample of the sorts of services we offer can be found in our Case Study 1: Dealing with an ATO Audit

ATO Debt and Tax Help

Using a tax agent to help you deal with the ATO is the best way to manage tax debts, penalties and interest. We use our status to negotiate with the ATO and put in place manageable arrangements.

We provide all compliance tax services but with an up to date focus and lateral thinking, to legally minimise your tax through well considered strategies.

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